As a fan of comedy you’ve likely heard geoff tate at some point… Maybe you listen to podcasts. In that case you probably heard Geoff on WTF with Marc Maron or Your Mom’s House with Tom Segura and Christina P or maybe it was The Todd Glass Show or You Made It Weird or BertCast or The Doug Stanhope Podcast or Never Not Funny or, and this is most likely, any of his hundreds of appearances on Doug Loves Movies. Don’t listen to podcasts? Maybe you saw him on The Late Late Show or Comedy Central. Is this ringing any bells? Maybe you stream your comedy. In which case, odds are good that you’ve heard geoff tate. With over a dozen albums available wherever albums can stream, and with tracks played 25 million times and counting, he’s likely come across your satellite radio dial, or your favorite Pandora station. Maybe you saw him live.

Perhaps when opening for Tom Segura in theaters and arenas across the country, or perchance in your local club or pub, afterall, he has toured the country for the better part of two decades. Could you have seen him on Dr. Drew After Dark? Still, nothing? Do you like comedy festivals? Geoff is no stranger to comedy festivals either. Was it Bonnaroo? SF Sketchfest? SXSW? Maybe, Limestone? Comedyfest? or any of the other dozens of festivals he’s performed. 

If you still don’t know, what are you waiting for? Get yourself to a show and watch Geoff tell his jokes (Birbiglia called him a “comedy savant” and Stanhope once said he was “the next Bill Burr”) interwoven with relatable stories as he seeks insight into his own life and maybe even yours. Geofftatecomedy.com