Once a clueless immigrant, now an entitled American. LA-based comedian Bernice Ye came to Indiana from China by herself at the age of 21. Refreshing, witty, and adorably honest, Bernice's sense of humor and hysterical act-outs surprise the audience with her originality, leaving them with memorable punchlines and newfound knowledge. She has been touring all over the west coast in an RV, and her traveling story was featured in The Wall Street Journal. Bernice's comedy generated 50M+ views across social media. She has performed at New York Comedy Festival, San Diego Comedy Festival, Northwest Women's Comedy Festival, and was crowned one of “The Funniest MF in Washington”. In 2021, Bernice received a Grant for Artist Progress Reward from Washington State Artist Trust. In a world that's more divided than ever, Bernice's passion is to bridge cultures and empower immigrants through humor and personal stories.